I have always thought of myself as a creative person, looking for outlets of expression. That started early on with my personal fashion, designing the interior and exterior of our homes, the garden, creating tools for my coaching business as well as writing and co-authoring books. All are forms of art. Painting just seemed like a logical step! There have been so many times that I see something, anything, and think, wow, I would love to be able to create something so beautiful! My father always said, “what Lola wants, Lola gets” … so began the journey of hundreds of hours of research and equally as many hours mistaking my way through to what you see today. Practice, Practice, Practice…

The painting you see was my very first attempt at acrylic fluid art and BAM! I was hooked! I still have this in our home. From time to time I look at it and think perhaps I should reuse it, but it is a reminder of just how far I have come in my artistic journey. Since the beginning, I have explored dozens of forms of acrylic painting and have found a few that intrigue me the most. Probably because to master them you need to use both the creative side and the analytical side of the brain. Many have dubbed me a “creative analytic”, so these forms of artistic expression make sense to me. Most days I enjoy the challenge of getting the consistency just right as well as the color selection and the application. It’s also imperative to be in the positive frame of mind or energetic space. Painting is like gardening, it’s crucial to be in a great head space; for only love and positivity to flow from my pours. Otherwise, you will stifle what you plant, or in this case, create. I have done both, so I know what I am talking about. 

Soulfull…why I chose this as my brand? There are many facets of this for me. I am and feel I always have been a very soulfull person; preferring quality over quantity in everything and everyone in which I am involved. I use “full” for I believe that if we listen within, we truly are being fullfilled by our souls’ desires. Lastly, because the connection I have with my daughters, one watching over me from heaven, and the other beside me, forever keeps me in the zone of doing all I can to connect with them. They play a part in my every day, and I believe with their love, there is a piece of my soul sprinkled within every painting I create. So, with all of that, as you can imagine I only want goodness and happy thoughts flowing through me! This will ensure that whatever piece you may fall in love with will only bring happiness to wherever you chose it to be displayed.

Vibrant, stirring and original, may my creative work speak to you as it does to me.

Many blessings,