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I have always felt…bigger than myself. Perhaps some would even say bold and audacious. That’s not ego, I literally feel as if my soul has always been bursting my vessels seams.  Through my fashion, the colors in my homes, my gardens, my car and even my dog!   I lived “go big or go home” but unconsciously.   I just was.  Then when my youngest daughter was killed in December 2016, I just was, but differently.  For a period of time anyway.   Then that “go big” came back but I was mission based.  I needed to tell her story and make sure she was remembered.  I was hell bent!!   I wrote a book on grief, then co-authored 3 cookbooks with my husband.  We started a culinary foundation, hosted huge parties in her honor but I didn’t know how to go bigger or feel fulfilled.   So, I sat in it, for quite a long time.  I learned over that time, and still, to find that middle path again in life for me, moving forward with her.  I was afraid I would leave her behind, forget.  Now that I know that isn’t possible, I have a steadier footing and am in my 7th year of her watching over me vs. walking beside me.  I am relearning who I am, what makes me tick and have a better understanding myself.  I now am aware of my “BIG”, the need to express my voice and the need to do so in very creative ways.  I am now comfortable owning that about myself.  However, my soul is still yearning, screaming to get out of this limiting vessel!  While I have always expressed myself through my garden and still do (July is the payback month and worthy of a few giggles) but…’s no longer enough.  Gratefully, I found art.  When we walk downtown along gallery row or seeing art online I think to myself, I can do that!  I literally jumped in the pool, both feet without looking.  I just knew, deep within that it was for me.  Art has always been a part of me, of my life, but in different forms.  It only seemed natural to take this next leap.  I researched, mistaked and mistaked again but it never deterred me.  I was hooked.  However, I have a different perspective now, “what’s the worst thing that can happen“?  I have experienced that in my life now so when the question comes from my ego, “what if it doesn’t sell or someone doesn’t like it”, I immediately go to that phrase and it makes me go beyond any limits I would have had before.  It allow me to be vulnerable in new ways. It makes me brave!  I can be bold & audacious with intention.  Through this dizzily dreamy wild frontier of painting, I am able to be bigger than my physical being, allowing my soul to sing through the textures and color.   I can get lost in painting and sometimes…I even catch myself giggling at the result…vibrant, stirring soulfull art!

Soulfull…why I chose this as my brand? There are many facets of this for me. I am and feel I always have been a very soulfull person; preferring quality over quantity in everything and everyone in which I am involved. I use “full” for I believe that if we listen within, we truly are being fullfilled by our souls’ desires. Lastly, because the connection I have with my daughters, one watching over me from heaven, and the other beside me, forever keeps me in the zone of doing all I can to connect with them. They play a part in my every day, and I believe with their love, there is a piece of my soul sprinkled within every painting I create. So, with all of that, as you can imagine I only want goodness and happy thoughts flowing through me! This will ensure that whatever piece you may fall in love with will only bring happiness to wherever you chose it to be displayed.

Vibrant, stirring and original, may my creative work speak to you as it does to me.

Many blessings,