Gallery Photos

Since the beginning, I have explored dozens of forms of acrylic painting and have found a few that intrigue me the most. Probably because to master them you need to use both the creative side and the analytical side of the brain. Many have dubbed me a “creative analytic”, so these forms of artistic expression make sense to me. Most days I enjoy the challenge of getting the consistency just right as well as the color selection and the application. It’s also imperative to be in the positive frame of mind or energetic space. Painting is like gardening, it’s crucial to be in a great head space; for only love and positivity to flow from my pours.

Otherwise, you will stifle what you plant, or in this case, create. I have done both, so I know what I am talking about.

Is there something within the gallery below that speaks to you? Each creation is one of a kind and, unless specified otherwise, is on a 1 1/2 deep professional series gallery wrapped canvas.

SOLD lazy susan 12 inch
SOLD 12×12 lazy susan